• Online tutoring
  • E-learning Management Systems
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Classrooms

Make your traditional education more interactive & engaging.


  • Connected Devices in Real Time
  • E-visits & Medical Consultations
  • Wellness & Fitness with Live Video
  • Assist patients from remote

Keep healthcare professionals connected with their patients in real time.

Banking & Financial Services

  • Safely Telepresence systems
  • Interactive Real Time communication
  • New generation ATMs

Turn to highly personalized services for increase customers.

Customer Services

  • Remote Helpdesk for customers
  • Interactive Real Time Communication system
  • Pre/Post sales Support system

Flexible & feature-rich interface can offer your consumers new experience.

Field Services

  • Video support system
  • Real Time Collaboration tools
  • Archiving Training Material

Innovative communication Tools to support technician on field and increasing resolution time.

Call Center Software

  • Flexible & compatible with all devices solutions
  • APIs to customize
  • Real Time Video, Audio & Messaging solutions

Integrate our solutions with your existing infrastructure to help clients.

Workforce Management

  • Online Team Working
  • Remote Recruitment
  • Access to knowledge base

Real Time Communications between colleagues to collaborate whether they’re in the office or in the field.

Professional Services

  • Real Estate
  • Remote Consulting
  • Real-time language interpretation

High-touch services to an increasing range of customers.


  • Pre sales support
  • Post sales support
  • Online Personal-Shopper

Dominate the consumer market turning to real-time communications to engage more deeply with customers.


  • Virtual Tables
  • Interactive 360° Videos
  • Live Streaming

Real game experience to keep players engaged and active in the comminity.

Media & Entertainment

  • Meet & Greet
  • SimulBroadcast
  • Interview/Talk Show & Live Event

A new way of audience participation and High-Quality connections between celebrities, brands, and fans.


  • Interactive Television & Second screen
  • Seminars & Live sales
  • Remote video control rooms

Real-Time Audo & Video from anywhere with any device to a large audience.

Branding & Advertising

  • ADV Management
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Telemarketing

Live-Video marketing campaigns to allow customers to interact with brands.

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